Wellness Centers

Region 8 Mental Health Commission began offering a new benefit for their employees, to promote a healthy lifestyle. The first on-site Wellness Center opened in Copiah County in August 2006, followed by Wellness Centers opening in Rankin County and Madison County in 2007, Simpson County in 2008 and Lincoln County in 2012.

Rankin Wellness CenterEach facility is complete with dual purpose strength training machines, multiple treadmills, cross trainers and recumbent bikes with individual entertainment. Other amenities include: a locker area with showers and dressing rooms as well as an aerobic workout area. In addition, a supervised play area for children of employees is available during evenings and weekends.

“It just makes sense to encourage healthy lifestyles for our employees. Along with personal benefits from exercising, our employees will be better equipped to deal with workday pressures and stay more focused. Not only does it help them to feel better about themselves, but it also increases morale, productivity, and helps reduce health care costs down the road.”
-Dave Van, Executive Director, Region 8