Residential Treatment Program

Region 8 Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers in Copiah and Simpson Counties are dedicated to specifically helping individuals overcome addiction and/or emotional challenges.  It is an evidence based model using Cognitive-Behavioral and Systems Theories.


Residential Treatment

An individualized Plan of Care is developed for each resident that addresses specific physical, emotional, spiritual, and social issues. This Plan of Care establishes a basis for the necessary aftercare planning which contributes to the individual’s long term success upon the completion of the residential program.  Family therapy is implemented as an effective element in treating substance abuse disorders, as well.


Daily activities are scheduled to promote resident interaction with counselors, staff, and social activities.  While each resident’s daily schedule varies, typical activities may include:  individual therapy, group counseling, family therapy, educational services, recreation and social activities, vocational rehabilitation services, structured physical exercise activities, and a medical examination.

Region 8 Alcohol and Drug Services Residential Treatment Facilities

Simpson County (Male Facility)
3112 Simpson Hwy 13
Mendenhall, MS 39114

Copiah County (Female Facility)
1007 Carroll Drive
Hazlehurst, MS  39083