Disabilities Services

Region 8 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by enhancing their independence, productivity, and full integration into their communities.

Through Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services, individuals, families, and caregivers are given access to services needed for independent, inclusive functioning.

Community Support Services

Developmental Disabilities ServicesCommunity Support Services provide individual and family assistance, as needed, by a professional community support specialist who specializes in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The community support specialist advises individuals and their families of available services and programs and assists with all aspects of the application and admission process when needed. Ensuring that the changing needs of the individual are recognized and met is a major focus of the community support specialist.

Prevocational and Work Activity Services

Prevocational and Work Activity Services provides training in areas necessary for independent vocational functioning. Individuals receive training in a realistic work environment and receive pay based on their production. Additional training includes appropriate work behavior, grooming skills, and other self-help skills necessary for a work setting. The Prevocational & Work Activity Services program provides individualized plans designed to keep individuals functioning in his/her community and to foster greater independence in vocational skills.

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program provides vocational assessment to determine an individual’s skills, abilities, and work interests. Individuals are assisted with job search, placement, training, and retention, and are provided the necessary support to enable them to work as independently as possible within their communities. Supported Employment works collaboratively with local businesses to develop positions and enable successful job placement.

Transitional Services

Transitional Services provides assistance to students aged 16+ who are currently attending high school to facilitate a successful transition from school to work. We coordinate services with all school personnel including a collaborative IEP (Individualized Education Program) development. Transitional Services includes vocational assessment, job search, placement, training, and a half day school/half day work experience at the Prevocational and Work Activity Programs.

Admission Requirements

All participants must be eligible for an Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Certification based on a current evaluation by a licensed physician or psychologist, or be enrolled in an IDD Waiver Program.

Prevocational & Work Activity Services are available to individuals aged 16+ who are residents of Region 8’s catchment area.

A current medical evaluation is required for admittance into the Work Activity Services program.

All participants must be residents of Copiah, Lincoln, Madison, Rankin, or Simpson counties.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Program Locations

Copiah County
1019 Carroll Drive
Hazlehurst, MS 39083
(601) 894-2018

Lincoln County
620 Hwy 51 North
Brookhaven, Ms. 39601

Madison County
103 South Lake Circle
Canton, MS 39046
(601) 859-8371

Rankin County
613 Marquette Road
Brandon, MS 39042
(601) 824-7851
(601) 824-0342-Administration

Simpson County
3087 Simpson Highway 13
Mendenhall, MS 39114
(601) 847-4410