Adult Services

Region 8 Mental Health Services provides the highest level of mental health, intellectual/ developmental disabilities, and alcohol and drug services in the least restrictive environment possible, within the limits of current knowledge.

Our services include a comprehensive approach to treatment, case management, education, and consultation, with an emphasis on psychosocial rehabilitation for all ages.  Supervised living programs promoting independent living skills for adults with serious mental illness are also a cornerstone of Region 8 offerings.


The full spectrum of Region 8 services is open to all residents of Copiah, Lincoln, Madison, Rankin, and Simpson Counties.

Crisis Services

Crisis intervention is available through face-to-face and/or telephone contact.  Services are provided anywhere necessary in the community to assist consumers in the process of effectively coping with crisis situations.  This includes, but is not limited to, assessing the need for referral treatment options such as inpatient hospitalization or educating individuals and families regarding the court commitment process for treatment.

Pharmacology Services

Region 8’s Pharmacy Program is designed to reduce the high recidivism rate to inpatient care relating to consumer deficits in medication usage and non-compliance.  Pharmaceutical companies partner with Region 8 to provide samples and indigent drug programs, which help individuals with restricted income, obtain needed and prescribed medication.  The Pharmacy Program is a valuable resource to consumers and prevents consumer decompensation and non-compliance.

Medical Services

A licensed medical provider assesses consumers referred from other disciplines within the agency.  If a consumer is deemed to be in need of medication, this will be initiated.  Registered nursing staff provide evaluations including the monitoring of side effects of psychotropic medication, administering injections, making referrals within the agency and participating in interdisciplinary treatment planning.  Nursing staff are available to conduct group teaching for consumers and staff on various topics.

Treatment Services

Region 8 Treatment Services provides psychological and psychiatric services for individuals suffering from mental illness and emotional distress. Depending upon individual needs, treatment may range from brief therapy to more long term programs.

Community Support Services

Community Support Services enable Region 8 Mental Health Services to provide treatment to the seriously mentally ill, reducing utilization of hospital services and helping people reach an optimal level of functioning. Community Support Services provide an array of support to address the mental health needs of each individual. 

Educational Services

Through community workshops, classes, and speaking engagements, Educational Services teach good mental health practices and self-help skills as well as inform the public about the offerings of Region 8 Mental Health Services.

Consultation Services

Designed to benefit local agencies and businesses, Region 8 Consultation Services assists groups by educating them about a variety of mental health topics.

Employee Assistance Program

Region 8 provides Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to companies and agencies state-wide on a contractual basis. The EAP is a comprehensive program of counseling services offered to employees and immediate family members. Services include short term counseling, emergency and crisis services, trauma debriefings, marriage counseling, grief counseling, and addictions counseling and treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Services

Region 8 Mental Health Services provides both outpatient and residential treatment for those experiencing personal problems related to the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. The mode of treatment is determined by the needs of the consumer.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing them with training in skills necessary to increase independence and obtain employment as well as pairing the individual with appropriate employment situations. Region 8 Mental Health Services also provides Community Support Services and a School-to-Work Transitional Assistance Program.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services assist individuals with serious mental illness to live independently and promote recovery. Each county operates its own Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Program and is open five hours a day, five days a week. Transportation is provided.

Supervised Living Program

While residing in one of eight furnished one-bedroom apartments leased by Region 8 Mental Health Services, adults with serious mental illness can develop skills needed to live independently, such as problem solving skills, money management, and basic living skills through the Supervised Living Program.