Crisis Services

Crisis intervention is available through face-to-face and/or telephone contact.  Services are provided anywhere necessary in the community to assist consumers in the process of effectively coping with crisis situations.  This includes, but is not limited to, assessing the need for referral treatment options such as inpatient hospitalization or educating individuals and families regarding the court commitment process for treatment.

Emergency and After Hours Services

Through a partnership with the Misissippi Department of Mental Health, Region 8’s Mobile Crisis Response Team provides community-based behavioral health crisis services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to individuals located in Copiah, Lincoln, Madison, Rankin and Simpson Counties.  If you are in need of Region 8’s Crisis Services, dial 1-877-657-4098 or you may contact the Region 8 office nearest you.

When To Call

If you or another person

  • Plans to harm self or others
  • Is overwhelmed or out of control
  • Is in acute psychiatric crisis
  • Has severe depression, anxiety, or grief
  • Needs help to reduce immediate emotional stress
  • Is in emotional crisis
  • Has symptoms of acute psychiatric illness
  • Needs other emergency mental health services 

Contact Region 8 Crisis Services        Call Toll Free 1-877-657-4098 or 

Copiah County            601.894.2018              1019 Carroll Drive, Hazlehurst, MS
Lincoln County            601.823.2345              620 Hwy 51 North, Brookhaven, MS
Madison County          601.859.8371              103 South Lake Circle, Canton, MS
Rankin County            601.825.8800              613 Marquette Road, Brandon, MS
Simpson County         601.847.4410              3100 Simpson Highway 13, Mendenhall, MS

If you, a family member or someone you are responding to is experiencing an emergency mental health crisis, call Region 8’s Crisis Services at 1-877-657-4098 or contact the Region 8 mental health center nearest you at the numbers listed above.  Both phone and face-to-face mental health assessments are available.

Emergency mental health services are confidential.